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Katie Taylor, personal trainer, lifting a bar over her head at the strength & performance
Donnie Kiernan and Katie Taylor, Personal Trainers at the Strength & Performance Institute

 Meet Our Personal Trainers & Strength Coaches 

Donnie Kiernan Training at Strength & Performance Institute

Owner & Head Trainer


Meet Donnie! Donnie is the owner and head trainer/ strength and conditioning coach with Strength & Performance Institute in Clearwater, FL. Donnie has had a passion for strength training from a young age. For over 20 years Donnie has had a driving interest in the biomechanics of the human body and its ability to grow and strengthen through weight training. Learn more about Donnie's credentials, his story, and what drives him to be a great personal trainer.

Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning coach, Katie Taylor posed in front of a wall

Personal Trainer & Coach


Meet Katie! Katie's story is one of resiliency and a testament to never give up on yourself.  Her drive to overcome adversity and rise to become a stronger healthier version of herself gives her a unique perspective as a personal trainer. Katie brings an encouraging and empathetic approach as a strength and conditioning coach that makes her clients feel heard and empowered to reach their goals with every training session. Read more about Katie's story that led her into the fitness industry and what drives her to be the best personal trainer she can be.

Allisan Brown, CPT.png

Personal Trainer & Coach

Allisan Brown, CPT

Allisan is our newest personal trainer at Strength & Performance Institute in Clearwater. We are excited to have her experience and passion for personal training. She brings a wealth of knowledge for strength & conditioning, athlete development, general strength training, and is a skilled boxing coach. Allisan will be available for private personal training session as well as offering one-on-one boxing sparring sessions  with men and women. Allisan brings an energetic and uplifting vibe to her training sessions, recognizing each clients unique needs and tailoring training that makes her clients feel accomplished in their progress towards their goals. Learn more about Allisan and schedule a consultation today. 

Weights in a gym. Weight room. Focused view of weight plates.

Contact SPI

Do you have questions? Are you excited to begin strength training? Let's talk. Contact us to see if the Strength & Performance Institute is the right fit for you and your goals.

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