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Personal Trainer, Katie Taylor, CPT working out at the gym at Strength & Performance Insti
Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning coach, Katie Taylor posed in front of a wall

 Meet Katie

Personal Trainer


Katie is from here, there, and everywhere! She is a proud daughter of a United States Air Force Pilot. Between the military and her lifelong love of sports, Katie was exposed to athletics and the importance of being fit from an early age. However, her life took a dramatic turn when she suffered a bilateral ischemic stroke at 25 years old. Katie was in her prime, just getting started, when she suddenly and unexpectedly endured this severe trauma which undoubtedly put a strain on her physical health.

Katie Taylor, Personal Trainer at the Strength & Performance Institute training a woman wi

Setbacks to Comebacks

It wasn’t until ten years post-stroke when she came to a crossroads. Exhausted from just getting by, working miscellaneous jobs, she knew she wanted to create a career for herself. Physical fitness was always a key consistent component that kept her going throughout the year’s pre and post-stroke. Therefore, Katie knew she wanted to bring purpose to her passion for fitness. Katie decided she was going to optimize this second chance at life and become a source of encouragement for others who are seeking to feel better and perform better in their own daily lives by becoming a personal trainer.

Katie - Story Con't
Katie Taylor, Personal Trainer at the Strength & Performance Institute in Clearwater, FL,

Experience & Training Style

Katie crossed paths with SPI owner, Donnie Kiernan, when he launched the Strength & Performance Institute in Clearwater and has mentored and supported her journey into the fitness industry every step of the way. Katie is a NASM certified personal trainer and practices what she preaches as an amateur Strongman competitor. Katie enjoys coaching clients from all backgrounds, experiences, and fitness goals. But, she brings an innate ability to coach and train individuals who have suffered mental or physical trauma. Katie understands the patience and empathy often needed to help those who have endured setbacks in life, but are motivated and seeking a comeback! Whether it is weight loss goals, performance goals, strength training goals, and more Katie brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences as a trainer at SPI.

Katie Taylor, personal trainer at the Strength & Performance Institute in Clearwater, FL p

Outside the Gym

When Katie isn’t motivating clients you can often find her outdoors enjoying the Florida life, walking and exploring, training for her knew found love of Strongman, or being an advocate for health and wellness after illness!

Katie Taylor, personal trainer competing at a local strongman competition in Clearwater, F
Katie Taylor posing with her hands to make a heart to promote donating blood
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