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Client Achievement | Finding Fitness Again - Success Story

Personal training is often just that, personal. Clients come to us with very personal goals and reasons for wanting to make a change in their health and wellness. Sometimes those goals are performance-based and other times there is a strong focus on the aesthetic changes they desire. Often, they are intertwined and you will get both for the price of one! However, no matter the goal, as a personal trainer, we respect the trust clients place in us as your strength coach to help you see it through. Witnessing those goals come to fruition is hands down the most gratifying feeling as your coach and personal trainer. This is the journey of one woman's personal training progress and her journey back to fitness.

Setting Realistic Goals

The story of Chara is one that many women can relate to. She had a fantastic physique in her younger years and early 20's, but then life happens; children come, diets change, metabolisms are altered, activity levels are different. No one is immune to the aging process. For the better part of the last decade she was focused on things outside of fitness and her personal wellness needs.

What we love most about Chara's ambition and goals to make a change is that she started her journey with a goal that was one year away. Her daughter was getting married in one year and she set that as her goal. She wanted to look and feel fit. And she wanted the results to be more than temporary.

Seeking Sustainable Results

She knew that to make a proper, sustainable, and healthy change, the right way, it was not a quick-fix 30-day challenge or a lose weight fast scheme. It needed to be done in time, with consistent effort, under the guidance of a professional personal trainer. That's exactly what we set out to do.

Setting Goals

The main goal was an aesthetic goal. She wanted to improve her physique. But, with strength training, you're shaping and building the body back better. By focusing on muscle development we created secondary goals. Things like improving posture, which can contribute to relieving back and neck pain. Having stronger muscles simply makes performing everyday activities easier. It decreases the potential for pain or injury. Think about doing things like reaching down and picking up objects, kneeling down to lift something up. All daily movements that Chara was able to improve with consistent strength training.

By consistently focusing on strength training, this kind of functional fitness provided Chara with an improved quality of life. The side effects include things like increased self confidence, and an overall sense of wellbeing.

Building Upon The Results

Through the entire process, as her strength coach, we continuously helped educate Chara so she could continue her journey for years to come. By sharing what to do in the gym and how to do it we want to empower all of our clients with the knowledge to continue their fitness journey long after they reach their initial goals.

If you're ready to begin your personal fitness journey and achieve your personal fitness goals, let's talk about how the Strength & Performance Institute can help you get there. Schedule a consultation today.


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