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Training Tutorial: Squat Hold Preacher Curl

Try this favorite multidimensional strength training exercise during your next training session, the squat hold preacher curl.

Muscles That Benefit from This Exercise?

The main muscle groups to focus on when doing the squat hold preacher curl is your lower body, including the glutes, quadriceps, and hamstring muscles while layering in a good quality bicep workout. This is a whole-body movement. Therefore, you are receiving a lot of secondary muscle groups that engage to complete the exercise with proper form.

Why Is This Move Beneficial?

Not only is this a great training exercise for strengthening the legs and biceps but you're receiving secondary core stabilizing and balance work. Moving your arms in the squat position forces you to brace your core at the same time to build stability and strength. Additionally, this kind of isometric holding helps you build your muscle endurance.

Add in a few sets of this squat hold preacher curl. Once you have the form and can perform a few sets well, begin to build on your weight.

For any guidance taking your strength training or gym routine to the next level utilize a Strength & Performance Institute strength coach in Clearwater, FL to help reach your goals.

Stay Strong!

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